Sangalaki Island and Kakaban Island

  • Sangalaki Island and Kakaban Island

    Sangalaki Island and Kakaban Island

    Indonesia Borneo Islands offer exquisite islands that are perfect for snorkeling, diving, island hopping and a lot more of water activities. Each island is truly a paradise that is made up of interesting dive sites and islets, to name a few: Sangalaki Island and Kakaban Island. These islets are just few of the interesting tropical islands that can be found here at Indonesia Borneo Islands and where holidaymakers wouldn’t leave the place without kissing the white sandy beaches of such islets.

    Sangalaki Island

    Sangalaki Island can be described as an alluring dive spot which is known for big mantas that arrive here to give food to their plankton. These huge mantas are clearly visible typically at the northern part of Sangalaki, and arrive from every part of directions. Mantas will often be observed within the waterline of surface, and in some cases at the moment you snorkel mantas could very well be easily spotted. At Sangalaki Island, you can swim across the waters along with the graceful moving mantas that have fitted with a wing weight of about 2 meters. The island of Sangalaki is known as well of its proliferation ground of green turtles. For tourists that like to see the turtles, during the night time these turtles will come ashore along the beach to put down their eggs as well as their baby turtles.

    Sangalaki Island features dive reefs ranges from 4 meters to 40 meters in depth as well as a combination of dive points that have sandy bottom. Gorgonian and Coral Sea fans along with reef fishes are elements of Sangalaki’s splendor dive section, nearby is a few shipwrecks. Fishes that have been spotted in the vicinity of Sangalaki are a few varieties of mandarin fishes, ribbon eels, frogfishes, jawfishes and scorpionfishes.

    Kakaban Island

    Another much-loved dive destination is Kakaban Island. This tropical paradise islet is known because of its mangrove surrounded lake within and that is a bit across the sea level. The lake is approximately 17 meters in depth of briny water which has a green colored algae bottom, sea life distinct from 4 varieties of snakes, yellow clams, orange purple and snakes over the branches.

    The dive points across the tropical islands being the barracuda point features leopards, snappers, tunas, fish, sharks and of course big schools of barracudas. The Blue Light Cave point is a cavern of approximately 120 meters long having at the bottom a Blue Sea Light which is suitable only for experienced divers. Coming from the Dive points, you are able to sight the amazing Gorgonian Forest.

    Best Time to Dive

    The weather conditions in these islets are sunny, warm and humid throughout the year, and the heat range differs from 21 ºC to 32 ºC. Turtles and mantas are visible all year round; however April to October is often the perfect time to dive. It ought to be kept in mind that given that the islands are just 20 seafaring miles via the aperture of Berau waterway, the visibility of underwater could possibly deteriorate if there is intense rainfall.
    Sangalaki and Kakaban Islands don’t have any residents; hence the only fun-based activities that you can try here are snorkeling, diving, or perhaps a walk alongside the beach.

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