Maratua Island

  • Maratua Island

    Maratua Island

    Maratua Island is another must-see spot in Indonesia where you will witness such a breathtaking and an overwhelming natural beauty. It is a wide island with an immense lagoon. Getting here will take about an hour by a boat from Sangalaki Island.

    The rest of the island is fringed by reef and walls that have many beautiful hard and soft corals. There is also a chance for an extreme drift dive through a channel into the lagoon. The strong current in the channel attracts many pelagic creatures like mantas, eagle rays, tunas, mackerels, barracudas, and sharks.

    Inside Maratua lagoon is the newly developed island of Nebucco. It is a good site for diving where you will be fascinated in hunting and seeing many critters including shrimps, frogfish, scorpionfish, ghost pipe fish, nudibranches and mandarin fish.

    The dive here is best experienced during the months of April to December.

    Location: Near Sangalaki Island, Indonesia
    Depth: 5 m to 30 m
    Visibility: 5 m to 25 m
    Current: Moderate to strong

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