Nabucco Island Resort

  • Nabucco Island Resort

    Nabucco Island Resort

    Nabucco Island Resort is one of the finest dive spots among the largest archipelago in the world—Indonesia. It is an isolated small island situated in the northeast of Indonesian Kalimantan or Borneo. Since the island is so small, you can stroll around it within few minutes. However, its smallness doesn’t affect your enjoyment in the place.

    The resort highlights the best diving spots in Nabucco. All the diving equipment are good and complete, the dive masters are excellent and the whole diving center is well-managed. The diving experience here is highly rated by the divers who have tried it. The most popular dive spot here is the Big Fish Country where you can experience an exhilarating dive with a spectacular variety of marine life. Another must-try dive is on Kakaban (non-stinging jelly fish) where you will best experience night diving. For sure, your dive here will be a remarkable adventure.

    You can stay in their simple yet fair bungalows that are facing the view of the scenic sea. It is very nice to wake up while seeing the sun rise and also the sunset when you go to bed. You can take a shower while seeing palm trees due to the very common outdoor baths in Indonesia. Don’t worry because you will still have your privacy for there are high walls covering the shower area. The selection of food is Indonesian local dishes and the beverages are paid separately. The alcohol distribution here is small since it is a Muslim area.

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