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It’s where vacationers can splurge holiday vacation faraway from civilization, from turbulent daily schedules at work, stress, and from the noise pollution.

Nabucco is small but incredible island which is sited near to Derawan, Sangalakki and Maratua of roughly 20,000 square meters that presents immaculate nature. The beautiful island is sited on northeast Indonesian Kalimantan or Borneo surrounded by the Celebes Sea. Nabucco Island is the habitation of one of the coconut crab’s last population and many other rare marine life species. Just as doing trips to island of Nabucco, you can take notice of the primates, bats and a wide variety of bird species in its instinctive milieu. Island of Nabucco symbolizes the pure coexistence of abundance and natural thinking: the sewage is moved off methodically and its good water is obtained by through solar energy.

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There are 3 main dive spots along with Nabucco Island that have been desired by every scuba diver, the Maratua, Kakaban and Sangalaki Islet. Maratua is considered as one of the most preferred dive sites due to its biodiversity and the nutrient rich currents originates from the Pacific Ocean. Kakaban Island also comprised of a salty water lagoon, snowed under by a slim strip of deserted jungle. During your surface interval, you have the amazing chance to snorkel together with different species of non-ruthless jellyfishes. Sangalaki Island is well-liked for Mantas, this dive spot can make your heart really go fast. Mantas can be seen approximately the whole year round and an encounter with the ocean’s eagle all along is a very extraordinary experience. In addition, scenic unharmed coral reefs and the numerous turtles that just lay their eggs on the coastline of Sangalaki which make the dive spot an idiosyncratic indulgence.

The fastest way to touch down Nabucco Island is via airplane. On the whole, vacationers anticipate going to Nabucco Island through a connecting flight stopping at Singapore. After an abrupt stopover in Singapore, you will be traversing an airbus by a Singapore Airlines’ subsidiary plane, the Silk Air. Two hours after of departure, you will land East Kalimantan’s main city – Balikpapan. Please be reminded that you will have to apply for a visa upon arrival for $25 USD. As a result, it is suggested that you make it sure with your travel agency or the Indonesian embassy in your nation before flying to Nabucco Island.

The last part of your voyage is a three-hour boat ride all along the river of Berau, slipping away villages, agricultural estates, and lush jungle and after that across the Sulawesi Sea to Nabucco continuously.

Despite the fact that it rains all the way through the year in Borneo, the dry season is from July through September, and it is the best time to dive in this area. Even though you will have to wrestle with sizzling afternoons and hordes of honeybees, in the dry season the woodland creatures are at their shrillest, leaches are only some, trails are dried up, and butterflies are copious. In recent years, the typical weather has been trickier to forecast than accustomed, however the second-best time to dive Nabucco Island is anytime from November through December when full-grown fruit and wild boar are in profusion. The month of November also has a tendency to be dry and is honey yielding period. The months of January and February have the most downpours but there is still a fusion of sun and light rain.

The official language of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia. But don’t worry because English these days is spoken extensively particularly on liveaboard boats.

Q: Do I have to acquire a visa to enter Indonesia?
A: All vacationers to Indonesia are compelled to obtain a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of admission in the country. There are relatively scores of visa leveling for entering Indonesia according on your nationality.

Q: Do I have to make arrangements for a hotel reservation in Nabucco Island?
A: It is particularly suggested that you reach your destination no less than one day prior to your trip. There is only one resort in Nabucco which is the Nabucco Island Resort so you might not avail a prearranged room if you will not book your reservation at the resort beforehand.

Q: How do I pay and what is the currency Nabucco Island uses?
A: IDR or Indonesian Rupiah is the local currency used in the island. Almost all bigger bistros, hotels and stores at the island are accepting major credit cards and ATMs are easy to get to in larger traveler locale.

Q: Is there a certain dress code to follow when staying at Nabucco Island?
A: In all tourist destinations, short pants and tee shirts are allowable clothes, on the other hand women must not wear bikinis around in the region of the inner-city. This is also allowable by night however smart casual is suitable for fine dining restaurants.

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