Diving in Nabucco

There are no deep dives here, as all sites are shallow, with some even lesser than ten meters.

Marine Life Highlights in Nabucco

Diving in Nabucco|Diving in Sangalaki
Whitetip Shark
Diving in Nabucco|Diving in Sangalaki
Diving in Nabucco|Diving in Sangalaki
Nurse Shark

Diving In Nabucco

Island of Nabucco is an islet situated adjacent to Maratua, Derawan and Sangalakki of approximately 20,000 square meters that offers pure nature.

The island paradise is to be found on northeast part of Indonesian Kalimantan or Borneo within the Celebes Sea. It’s where everyone can spend holiday far-flung from civilization, from hectic schedules and constant worry, from noise and daily life. The island is the habitat of one of the last populations of coconut crabs and a lot of other very scarce species. Even as doing trips to Nabucco, you can see bats, primates and various species of birds in its innate environment. Nabucco Island illustrates the seamless coexistence of lavishness and environmental thinking: the sewage is set out ecological thoroughly; pleasant water is acquired by solar energy.

There are several diving destinations of Nabucco Island that has been marked favorite spots by beginner to experienced diver.

Maratua Isle: The dive spots in the region of Nabucco are fascinating because of their biodiversity and the nutrient lush currents hail from the Pacific Ocean. Nearly all dive spots comprise of an unharmed reef crown and drop offs.

Kakaban: 70% of the Kakaban Island consists of a briny water lagoon, besieged by a slim strip of impassable jungle. At some point in your surface interval, you have the superb chance to snorkel along with diverse species of non-harsh jellyfish. Divers recurrently see leopard sharks, reef sharks at Barracuda Point. If you’re lucky, you might even observe a hammerhead shark.

Sangalaki Islet: The islet is famous for Mantas; these dive spots make your heart go fast. Mantas can be observed just about the whole year round and an experience with the eagle of the ocean along is a remarkable happening. What’s more, picturesque intact coral reefs and the myriad turtles that lay their eggs on the Sangalaki shoreline – make these dive spots a distinctive indulgence.

Due to the proximity of the island to the equator, the typical weather of Nabucco is naturally hot and humid. Wintry season is windy and pleasant and summers are lightened by stimulating rainfalls. The days are more or less 12 hours long and the normal temperature at daytime ranges from 27 degree Celcius to 32 degree Celcius. The wet season is from October to April and the dry season is from May to September. So, the best time to dive in Nabucco Island is certainly for the period of dry season.

There are many ways to get around the wonderful island of Nabucco. The fastest way to get there is via airplane. Normally, tourists intend to go Nabucco Island will have a connecting flight via Singapore. After a quick stopover in Singapore, you will be riding an airbus by Silk Air, Singapore Airlines’ subsidiary. After two hours of flight, you will get there in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan’s main city. Take note that you will have to apply for a visa on arrival for 25 US Dollars. So it is recommended that you verify it with your travel agent or the Indonesian embassy in your country prior to flying to Nabucco Island.

The last point of your expedition is a 3-hour boat trip along the river of Berau, elapsing plantations, villages, rich jungle and afterward across the Sulawesi Sea to Nabucco without stopping.

Best Diving Season: May to September
Weather: Wet Season is from October to April & Dry Season is from May to September
Water Temperature: 27-32°C
Marine Animal Highlights: Leopard sharks, Reef sharks, Hammerhead shark, Non-harsh Jellyfish, Mantaray
Recommended Thermal Protection:
Water Visibility: 15m-25m
Transportation: Airbus by Silk Air, Singapore Airlines’ subsidiary

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